RAS Billy Cart Derby- Team Leader Rego

Team Leader Details

Contact Person


This can be the team leader or a parent. This person will need to check-in on arrival and be responsible for making sure their team is ready for each race.

Race Category


Acknowledgment of Risk


Photo/Video Consent


Parental Consent (anyone under 18 years of age)


Consent (18+ years)


I agree in taking part of the annual Riverside Billy Cart Derby, and agree to participate according to the rules and guidelines outlined below:

  • All participants must wear a helmet when riding a Billy Cart.
  • Closed-in shoes must be worn.
  • Reckless or unsafe behavior will result in disqualification and/or removal of the racetrack.
  • At Riverside, we “encourage cheerfully”, no abuse or put-downs.
  • Billy Carts must comply with the pattern supplied and any deviations must be checked and approved by the race organisers.
  • All teams and their members must be registered to race.

Team Registration Fee


(Maximum of 3 people in a team)

  • Pre-registration= $20 per team 
  • Registration at derby= $30 per team
  • Cart Hire= $10 (Please note: There are limited carts for hire)

If you intend on registering your own Billy Cart into the event, please view the specifications here:

Billy Cart Construction Specifications


Please note: If your cart does not adhere to the specifications shown above, your team could be subject to disqualification, as determined by event coordinator.

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